Work Experience Week at Aspire Computers

Work experience week (24th June - 28th June) has provided us with the pleasure of introducing two bright and enthusiastic young individuals to the world of IT support and digital marketing.

Dan and Tom, A level students from Lymm High School, were both very keen to learn about Aspire Computers.

Dan was placed with the IT Support team and Tom was placed with Roz and Sophy on the web and social media team.

Ethan showed Dan day to day running of the helpdesk. He also experienced some of the more complex challenges faced by an IT support company, and their solutions.

Tom learned about the team’s background, and the challenges faced. He was introduced to technical tools such as Google Analytics, and FTP - topics that Tom caught onto very quickly. Over the week, Tom built his own complex website showcasing all the knowledge he had gained. He also successfully completed a Google Digital Garage Certification in a fraction of the recommended time!


Both Dan and Tom were a pleasure to have in the office.  They behaved in a well-mannered and professional way, and were determined to make the most of the week with us. They fitted well into the team and shared many laughs! We hope the experience was useful for them and wish them every success in their studies and future careers.

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