Data Recovery

“Prevention should always the rule here, good housekeeping and backup procedures and a disaster recovery plan should always be in place and kept current”.

However there will always be cases when a customer has suffered a loss of important data be this accidental through deletion, deliberate acts, fire & flood, or, most probably equipment failure, Aspire Computers Ltd have acknowledged in extreme cases that it may not be possible or wise to attempt this recovery in our workshops. We have therefore, entered into partnership with a Specialist Data recovery organisation based here in the UK in order to offer this as a service.

Lost Data – First Steps

Professional Data Recovery Services

If you suspect that data has been or is at risk of being lost, follow these steps:

  • Shut down the system or device immediately and do not apply power again.
  • For external devices safely disconnect them from the host system.

Once this is done, it is unlikely that the situation can be worsened and a measured approach to the Data Recovery process can be taken.

Should you believe that you have Data Recovery requirements we are highly experienced in recovering data from all types of systems and devices, for example:

  • SD Cards, Memory Cards & Flash Drives.
  • Internal & External Hard Disks.
  • Servers & NAS Servers.

Recovering your Data

Evaluation and diagnostics will generally be free from cost unless previous attempts have been made to recover data and made the situation worse.

The types of work undertaken following the evaluation fall into:

  • Standard recovery
  • Minor and advanced repairs to the device in order to recover data
  • Clean room recovery

If you need assistance with your data, contact Aspire today.

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