Rescue Lens

Rescue Lens is a new video-aided support capability aimed to meet the needs of today’s connected customer! Rescue Lens allows Aspire to remotely support virtually any product, enabling customers to utilise their personal smartphone or tablet cameras to stream live video back to Aspire. To start Rescue Lens, the end user simply downloads an app from the Google Play or iOS App Store, enters a pin code to ensure security, and points the camera.

Quickly diagnose and resolve issues

Rescue Lens allows Aspire to quickly diagnose and resolve issues without having to rely on inefficient (and often erroneous and incomplete) verbal and written descriptions of what’s going on. Its real-time interactive video gives Aspire a clear view of the problem at hand and the ability to help a customer solve it. Rescue Lens will introduce the following features:

  • Smart White-boarding: Annotate on any screen, on any device. This annotation stays in place, even if the device is moving.
  • Adaptive Video Quality: High quality video view that is fluid, regardless of the strength of the internet connection.
  • Auto Focus: Focus the camera on exactly what the end user needs help with.

Check out this video for more information:

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