With the number of robberies, thefts and acts of vandalism ever increasing, it is essential for business owners to keep premises and goods secure. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera solutions provide peace of mind and make protecting your investment simple and easy.

Visible Deterrent and Reduced Theft
CCTV protects against criminal activity and actively deters criminals from targeting your premises.
A properly designed system provides a huge deterrent against theft from both employees and outsiders. This can greatly improve business profits and efficiency, and even reduce insurance premiums.

Video Evidence
CCTV can provide vital legal evidence in the event of a crime being committed, leading to increased prosecution rates. Video evidence also protects you and your staff from litigation and false accusations.

Staff Monitoring and TrainingCCTV with Aspire Computers
CCTV can provide beneficial information and feedback on professional behaviour and performance.

Proven Technology
Using leading-edge video surveillance technology, Aspire CCTV security products are tailored specifically to your business to capture high definition images around the clock. Our systems can be a single security camera and a monitor or an installation combining continuous recording from multiple security camera feeds.

  • Weatherproof¬†CCTV cameras with night vision
  • Hard drive digital video recorder with 24/7 reliability and ultra-cool operation
  • Smooth, continuous digital video recording and playback in high-temperature, always-on surveillance environments.

Remote Monitoring
Remote viewing of live footage is possible from anywhere in the world through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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