LinkedIn Social Media Setup

LinkedIn is a social network that has been specifically designed for businesses. The aim of the site is for individuals to register and create networked groups with other members who they know and trust in a professional manner. The site enables enhanced Business to Business (B2B) communication. But it also allows for businesses to find potential clients and vice versa. LinkedIn allows users to enter their different skills, certifications and employment history. It is also a good portal for employers to find new recruits for their company.

Let us help you to get started on LinkedIn

The first step in getting your business active on LinkedIn, is to setup a personal profile, where you can electronically meet and greet with your fellow connections and start conversations with them. You can comment and like posts, and add your opinion in other people's posts and you can share any new developments or deals within your business with your connections. It is also good to setup a LinkedIn company page, which highlights your company's unique features and provides a base for your customers to find out any important developments within your business. Your clients can follow this page, and can share the content that you post, increasing awareness of your company.

Our Start-Up Deals

We offer two standard LinkedIn setup deals to get you and your business up and running on social media.

LinkedIn Page Setup

What We Setup:

  • Company name, sector, specialities, website URL, company size, year founded, company type, main business office
  • Profile and cover photograph implementation

First Steps:

  • First post FREE - we will post on to the new page, announcing you are active on LinkedIn


  • Fixed at £70 + VAT per LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn Profile Setup

What We Setup:

  • Custom username, account name, description, website link, address and telephone number
  • Profile and cover photograph implementation
  • LinkedIn profile core setup (including email and mobile/telephone verification)

First Steps:

  • First post FREE - we will post on to your new profile, announcing you are active on LinkedIn
  • Get Connected - we will connect you with 50 people in your area or sector


  • Fixed at £70 + VAT per LinkedIn Profile

Discount for New Users

Buy one, get one with 50% off!

We understand that everyone's use of social media is different. Some people are constantly active online and other's are not at all. If you are the latter, we are happy to offer a helping hand, and setup a personal/business profile on LinkedIn for you and do so at a discounted rate (if you choose to buy the page setup as well).

What We Need

Before we setup any Social Media accounts on LinkedIn, we will need some information from you and your business. We will also need to understand your requirements on Social Media, so that we can design your LinkedIn profile and page around these needs.

We can gather this information in whichever way suits you:

  • Meeting - we can meet at our office in Central Warrington, your business premises or even a coffee shop near you!
  • Phone Call - we can give you a call on your landline or mobile to talk through your requirements for LinkedIn.
  • Email - we can send you an email with our startup questionnaire to get the process for setting up your social media started.

Get in Touch with us Today

If you are interested in our Social Media Setup service, please get in touch with us today and get started on LinkedIn!

Call us on 01925 251143 and ask for Sophy or Roz.

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