Google Plus Social Media Setup

Google Plus is a social network project. The point of the site is to promote sharing thoughts and ideas in real-life on the web. The network consists of Circles (groups of people who you can share specific content with), hangouts (where up to 10 people can be on a live chat at once), huddle (an instant messaging service for group chats), instant upload (where you can upload images and videos to a private album), streams (where you can view updates from specific circles) and sparks (topics that you want to discuss with other people). Google Plus is also linked to applications including Gmail, Google Maps and Google Calendar. In addition, businesses often use Google Plus to connect with other businesses.

Let us help you to get started on Google Plus

The first step in getting your business active on Google Plus, is to setup a company profile where your customers can go to see the latest news, tips and deals that your company is offering. Not only is using Google Plus as a social media business tool great for your existing customers, but it also opens the doors to new opportunities for new clients, through posts and engagements with your connections on Google Plus. 

Our Start-Up Deal

We offer a standard Google Plus setup deals to get you and your business up and running on social media.

Google Plus Profile Setup

What We Setup:

  • Name, nickname, birthday, contact details, website URL, short bio
  • Profile and cover photograph implementation
  • Core account setup (including email and mobile/telephone verification)

First Steps:

  • First post FREE - we will post on to your new profile, announcing you are active on Google Plus
  • We will connect your profile with relevant collections and communities to get the latest information in your sector


  • Fixed at £70 + VAT per Google Plus Account

What We Need

Before we setup any Social Media accounts on Google Plus, we will need some information from you and your business. We will also need to understand your requirements on Social Media, so that we can design your Google Plus profile around these needs.

We can gather this information in whichever way suits you:

  • Meeting - we can meet at our office in Central Warrington, your business premises or even a coffee shop near you!
  • Phone Call - we can give you a call on your landline or mobile to talk through your requirements for Google Plus.
  • Email - we can send you an email with our startup questionnaire to get the process for setting up your social media started.

Get in Touch with us Today

If you are interested in our Social Media Setup service, please get in touch with us today and get started on Google Plus!

Call us on 01925 251143 and ask for Sophy or Roz.

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