Facebook Social Media Setup

Facebook is the most popular social media networking service. Facebook allows people and businesses to create profiles, pages, upload images and other media and keep in touch with friends, family and fellow colleagues. Users can post updates and polls to "friends on Facebook" or those who have "liked" a page that you have created. Facebook is available in 37 different languages. Facebook was primarily used for people to communicate with friends and family, but now the platform is largely responsible for business marketing, allowing businesses to connect with consumers, pay for advertising of their website, page or company itself.

Let us help you to get started on Facebook

The first step in getting your business active on Facebook, is to setup a company page where your customers can go to see the latest news, tips and deals that your company is offering. Not only is using Facebook as a social media business tool great for your existing customers, but it also opens the doors to new opportunities for new clients, through recommendations, advertising or engagements with your Facebook audience. 

Our Start-Up Deals

We offer two standard Facebook setup deals to get you and your business up and running on social media.

Facebook Page Setup

What We Setup:

  • Custom username, account name, description, website link, address and telephone number
  • Profile and cover photograph implementation
  • Facebook core setup (including email and mobile/telephone verification)

First Steps:

  • First post FREE - we will post on to your new page, announcing you are active on Facebook
  • Get Verified - we will get you verified on Facebook, providing a link of trust to your audience


  • Fixed at £70 + VAT per Facebook Page

Facebook Profile Setup

What We Setup:

  • Name, email, phone, business bio, birthday, profile and cover photograph
  • Facebook core setup (including email and mobile/telephone verification)

First Steps:

  • First post FREE - we will post on to your new profile, announcing you are active on Facebook
  • Get Secure or Get Linked - Choose between locking your account down for maximum privacy or we can connect your profile to your company page (subject to our level of control on your page)


  • Fixed at £70 + VAT per Facebook Page

Discount for New Users

Buy one, get one with 50% off!

We understand that everyone's use of social media is different. Some people are constantly active online and other's are not at all. If you are the latter, we are happy to offer a helping hand, and setup a personal/business profile on Facebook for you and do so at a discounted rate (if you choose to buy the page setup as well).

What We Need

Before we setup any Social Media accounts on Facebook, we will need some information from you and your business. We will also need to understand your requirements on Social Media, so that we can design your Facebook profile and page around these needs.

We can gather this information in whichever way suits you:

  • Meeting - we can meet at our office in Central Warrington, your business premises or even a coffee shop near you!
  • Phone Call - we can give you a call on your landline or mobile to talk through your requirements for Facebook.
  • Email - we can send you an email with our startup questionnaire to get the process for setting up your social media started.

Get in Touch with us Today

If you are interested in our Social Media Setup service, please get in touch with us today and get started on Facebook!

Call us on 01925 251143 and ask for Sophy or Roz.

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