YouTube Social Media Setup

YouTube is a widely popular video based social networking site. It allows people to upload videos, like, comment, share and subscribe to creators of video content. More recently, YouTube has seen uploads of many more marketing adverts and also provides paid advertising features to help increase the awareness of business brands.

Let us help you to get started on YouTube

The first step in getting your business active on YouTube is to setup a company channel where your customers can go to see the latest video based news, tips and deals that your company is offering. Not only is using YouTube as a social media business tool great for your existing customers, but it also opens the doors to new opportunities for new clients, through recommendations, or engagements with your subscribers on YouTube.

Our Start-Up Deal

We offer a standard YouTube setup deal to get you and your business up and running on social media.

YouTube Account Setup

What We Setup:

  • Username, channel description, business email, country, website URL
  • Profile and cover photograph implementation

First Steps:

  • Announce - we will post on to your other social media profiles, announcing your YouTube channel (subject to our control over your other channels)


  • Fixed at £70 + VAT per YouTube Account

Download the PDF Leaflet

What We Need

Before we setup any Social Media accounts on YouTube, we will need some information from you and your business. We will also need to understand your requirements on Social Media, so that we can design your YouTube channel around these needs.

We can gather this information in whichever way suits you:

  • Meeting - we can meet at our office in Central Warrington, your business premises or even a coffee shop near you!
  • Phone Call - we can give you a call on your landline or mobile to talk through your requirements for YouTube.
  • Email - we can send you an email with our startup questionnaire to get the process for setting up your social media started.

Get in Touch with us Today

If you are interested in our Social Media Setup service, please get in touch with us today and get started on YouTube!

Call us on 01925 251143 and ask for Sophy or Roz.

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