Compare our Social Media Management Plans

Once your social media accounts are up and running, we offer four ongoing management plans to help you achieve your online marketing objectives. We provide support at every level, whether you prefer running your own accounts with some support from us, or if you want us to manage the whole process on your behalf.

Our Management Plans:



Our Do it Yourself Deal. You are in control of your own social media accounts, with regular support and expert guidance from us.


We manage your social media accounts for you, making sure they are being updated regularly and provide you with expert advice.


We manage your social media accounts for you, providing a more varied and engaging experience for your audience.


The ultimate in social media support. We’ll post multiple times per day, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Social Media Guide        
Bi-Monthly Account Checkup        
Bi-Monthly Social Media Review        
Daily Posts 1 (Text & Links) 2 (Text, links & images) 5 (Text, links, images & video)
Bi-Monthly Discussion on your business - latest news and deals        
Analytics provided by the social media channel        
Bi-Monthly checks on your social media account        
Bi-Monthly competitor research        
Bi-Monthly Account Information Checkup        
Monday to Friday Response 1-5 days 1-3 days 24 hours Less than 24 hours
Price per month
For each social media page/account

 £25 +VAT

 £50 +VAT

 £75 +VAT

 £100 +VAT

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