Dynamic QR Codes

Introducing a new form of eDigital marketing strategy utilising “Dynamic QR Codes” creating new mobile channels built for the medium of Smartphones and NOT simply a scaled down website.

Urban QR Code



This is an important and exciting time for the business community and coupled with the dramatic rise in the use of mobiles which has been customer driven, more and more people want to use their Smartphones to shop and browse safely and securely.



Through this medium we are creating Community Partnerships linking Businesses, Local Authorities and Charities giving them the opportunity to expand into new markets.

A selection of free QR scanner apps are readily available to download from every app store.

Simply scan and bookmark any of the QR Codes on this page to give you an idea of its potential!


Scanning the Aspire code takes you to a QR code ‘campaigner’ site we have specifically designed for mobile devices.

Aspire Computers QR