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Gaming Machines at Aspire

Are you ready for the latest game releases?

Aspire are here to make sure your PC can cope with the latest demands of computer games.

At Aspire, we understand the importance of having a flawless experience, in order to fully enjoy gaming. We’ve found 3 gaming PCs to suit your budget and show you what’s possible at reasonable prices.

Low-End Budget Gaming PC728530-719685-800

Zoostorm Gaming Desktop PC

AMD A10 7850K 3.90GHz Quad Core Processor
8GB Memory
1TB Hard-Drive
AMD Radeon R7 Graphics Card
Windows 10 Home Edition



Mid Budget Gaming PC717097-718462-800

Asus G20AJ Gaming PC

Intel Core i5 4460 3.4GHz Processor
8GB Memory
1TB Hard-Drive
NVIDIA GeForce GTX960 Graphics Card
Windows 8.1 64Bit



High Budget Gaming PC748617-722006-800

Cyberpower Skybolt Pro Gaming PC

Intel Core i7 6700K 4GHz Quad Core Processor
16GB Memory
2TB Hard-Drive
NVIDIA GTX 980Ti 6GB Graphics Card
Windows 10 Home 64Bit





We can also provide keyboards, mice, headsets and other accessories to maximise your gaming experience.

For information regarding more details and pricing, contact Aspire now.

Upcoming Releases 2017

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (24th January 2017)

For Honor (14th February 2017)

Halo Wars 2 (21st February 2017)

Lego Worlds (24th February 2017)

Mass Effect: Andromeda (March 2017)

Tekken 7 (Early 2017)

Star Citizen